Maximize your athletic potential by understanding your biomarker, blood and genetic composition through exercise physiology.

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That We Offer

Body Evaluation

Elevate your athletic prowess with a thorough body evaluation. Our biomarker testing examines your micronutrient levels, inflammation, oxidative stress, and genetic predispositions, ensuring personalized strategies for peak performance and long-term athletic health.

How It Works

Our Athletics service utilizes cutting-edge biomarker testing to create personalized fitness and recovery programs, optimizing athletic performance and minimizing recovery time. This comprehensive approach assesses health, nutritional status, inflammation, oxidative stress, and genetic predispositions, tailoring interventions to each athlete's unique needs.

What It Treats

This service is designed for athletes seeking to enhance strength, speed, endurance, and overall performance while reducing the risk of injuries and addressing conditions like nutritional deficiencies and genetic predispositions that can impact athletic capability.


Biomarker testing offers a scientific basis for tailored fitness programs, leading to optimized performance, enhanced recovery, and minimized injury risks. Athletes can expect improvements in strength, endurance, and speed, with personalized health and nutrition strategies to support long-term athletic goals.