Wellness Testing

Embrace a holistic path to wellness with comprehensive testing of your body, and crafting a lifestyle uniquely tailored to you.

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That We Offer

Metabolic Rate

Indirect Calorimetry Testing is a quick test that determines your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMS). It accurately measures your metabolism by analyzing your oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide output, helping to pinpoint slow metabolism causes and determine your ideal caloric intake for effective weight management or loss.

Healthy Weight

Find your unique nutritional needs, potential health risks, and how effectively you metabolize medications with a comprehensive DNA test. Discover the ideal balance of macronutrients for your weight loss, identify nutrient deficiencies, and learn which exercise and diet types suit you best.

Stress Management

Chronic stress harms your body. A comprehensive evaluation of your stress related symptoms will help provide the basis for the management of the secondary effects from chronic stress.

Your Peak Performance

Optimize your performance and take charge of your preventive care through comprehensive testing of your body. Understand potential risk factors and details of how your body works to take your health to a new level.

How It Works

Wellness Testing at our medspa encompasses metabolic testing to ascertain your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Healthy Weight DNA Insight for personalized weight management strategies, stress assessment for optimal mental and physical health balance, and Peak Performance Programs for comprehensive health enhancement. These tests provide a detailed overview of your health, identifying potential risk factors and areas for improvement.

What It Treats

This service is designed to treat and manage a wide range of conditions by focusing on metabolism regulation, weight management tailored to your genetic makeup, stress-related symptoms and conditions, and overall health optimization for peak performance. It's aimed at those struggling with weight issues, chronic stress, and anyone seeking to improve their general wellness.


Participants benefit from a personalized approach to health and wellness, with insights that lead to improved weight management, reduced risk of health conditions, enhanced energy levels, and better stress management. The service offers tailored treatment plans and preventive care strategies for achieving and maintaining optimal health, vitality, and performance.