Elevate your fitness with medical fitness evaluation and training, designed and curated by certified professionals.

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How It Works

Exercise programs are designed by certified fitness professionals, following approved techniques to provide a safe and effective exercise program tailored to the need of each patient.

What It Treats

Our exercise programs address the challenge of obesity and weight management, providing an essential solution for those hesitant to exercise in conventional settings. It's specifically designed to cater to individuals, including seniors and those with physical limitations, seeking a supportive and judgment-free environment to begin their fitness journey.


Exercise has been shown to improve medical outcomes in chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease.


That we offer

Fitness Assessment

A medical fitness evaluation gives you a detailed personal interview to discuss your health history, previous diet and exercise attempts, and an evaluation by our physician. You will receive a Body Postural Analysis and a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to assess your baseline posture and flexibility. This assessment will help us select the most beneficial exercises towards your optimal health and function.

Private Fitness Sessions

Each of our 30-minute private fitness sessions provide personalized training based on the result of your Functional Movement Screening test. Enjoy one-on-one attention, target heart-rate zone training, body evaluation, proper form and function training, and others under the guidance of our expert professional trainer.

Small Class Training

Our 45-minute Medical Fitness Group Classes foster a community atmosphere with a minimum of three participants, ensuring personalized attention while you enjoy the benefits of group dynamics. This includes weekly motivation and accountability check-ins, targeted heart-rate zone training, body composition assessments, emphasis on proper form and function, as well as a supportive environment to fuel your fitness and motivation.